Maxim FSU Cowgirls

February 21st, 2006

FSU Cowgirls Jenn Sterger hit Maxim Magazine and Maxim Online
FSU Cowgirls

FSU Cowgirls - Chrystal, Jenn, and Fabiola

Where you've seen them:
ABC caught the barely dressed coeds cheering on Florida State against Miami, turning them into overnight Internet stars and inspiring plenty of guys to do the tomahawk chop.

Jenn Sterger and her FSU cowgirl girlfriends have hit the jackpot.

Seems like i kept coming across pic's of this hot college chick and was wondering what the hell was the dealio... Well it would seem that she's quite the facebook celebrity, though i cant imagine for the life of me why that might be...

That's Jenn Sterger on the left! Click Here For even more pics of the FSU Hotties

Girls Of Maxim

The internet is responsible for Jenn Sterger’s national exposure, and every hot blooded male in America is awfully glad it has. Her comments from March's Maxim Magazine ""I'm not going to lie. It's been a blast," Jenn Sterger says, pulling her long brown hair into a ponytail and tugging down her cap brim. "But if it all ended tomorrow, would I be sad? Yeah, but at the same time I'd be like, 'OK, back to school.'"



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Click Here For even more pics of the Jenn Sterger and the FSU Cowgirls

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